Established in 1981, Gallery Genesis is one of the country’s pioneering and most exclusive art galleries with an extensive collection by homegrown artists. Browse our collection of paintings, sculptures, and art collectibles.

Constellations: A One Woman Show

For her first ever solo exhibition, Stephannie Yapco takes viewers into a mystical and cosmic journey unlike any that artists before her can conjure. Exhibit runs from Aug. 8 to 26, 2022.

An Elephant in the Room: Aro Soriano

Unafraid of using bright colors and mixing elements, Aro Soriano turns his artworks into famous riddles that will leave even the wisest amused, confused, or sometimes even dumbfounded. Read more about Aro.

Kulay Sa Tubig

By bringing artists together in the name of the medium, this prestigious competition perseveres in championing watercolor. This year, Kulay Sa Tubig is celebrating its 34th year. Exhibit runs from October 3 to 9, 2022.


Maogmang Lugar

In their interpretation of different faces and places, three highly-regarded Bicol-based artists seek to show the magic in these imageries when transported onto the canvas. Maogmang Lugar — which means happy place in Bikolano —features the latest works of Dario Buan Encinas, Romualdo Perez, and Brian Oliver Ramos, artists who all transform the ordinary into something spectacular. View their exhibit here.