It’s a common misconception that collecting art is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Between PhP 25,000 to PhP 50,000 alone, you can choose from a richly diverse selection of artworks featuring breathtaking oil landscapes, immersive abstract expressionist paintings, masterfully-rendered watercolor, and everything in between.

Gallery Genesis presents a special fundraising exhibition Going Further: Art With Purpose for the benefit of the Lung Center of the Philippines. In these tumultuous times, galleries and artists need to stand with frontliners and health workers more than ever–and this exhibition provides a chance to do so.

1. “Landscape” by Godofredo Mendoza, mixed media Bold lines in primary colors streak across a rainbow sunset in Godofredo Mendoza’s mixed media work “Landscape”, with daring paint splatters that evoke lush foliage. Here, it’s always the golden hour.

2. “The 38th Litany” by Noli Principe Manalang, watercolor Noli Principe Manalang, a prodigy who has previously been featured on The Artist Corner, has created a richly detailed work that stems from his fascination with the sacred, situating religion in contemporary realities.

3. “The Butterfly” by Lester Rodriguez
Lester Rodriguez’s haunting portrait “The Butterfly” directly confronts the viewer with a child’s cryptic gaze that is up to interpretation–whether she is curious, skeptical, doe-eyed, or cunning is up to you.

4. Ribbons, Margarita Lim
“Ribbons”, by Kulay sa Tubig Hall of Famer Margarita Lim, features her at the height of her painting prowess, with impeccable attention to detail and mastery over the vibrant hues of watercolor.

5. Mother and Child by Teofilo Y. Mendoza Jr.
Teofilo Y. Mendoza Jr. presents a thriving expressionist interpretation of the archetype of mother and child, with robust colors and bold lines.

6. “Reaching Out” by Nonoy Ferrarez †, watercolor
The late Nonoy Ferrarez’ “Reaching Out” plays with the subtleties of watercolor and the skill of layering to achieve a drastic contrast in this beautiful abstract image.

7. “May Pera Sa Basura” by David De Vera, watercolor
“May Pera sa Basura” depicts the plight of majority of Filipinos scavenging for a means of living in food. Through a painting that puts a lens on these sharp realities, David De Vera validates their stories.

8. “Unang Hagod” by Alex Roxas, acrylic
All paintings begin with the first stroke, which Alex Roxas poetically speaks to in “Unang Hagod”. This is the moment where a story, an idea, or an image begins to materialize, as the artist channels their emotions through expression.

9. “Panghimagas” by Agapito Ganson, watercolor
“Panghimagas” is a lovely, idyllic still life of the traditional Filipno desert, in the glow of the afternoon sun. His craft shines not just in the interplay of light and shadow, but in the way these textures–the coconut husk, the banana leaf string, the wood,–are brought to life.

10. “Bahay sa Barrio” by Max Adlao†, oil
“Bahay sa Barrio” by the late Max Adlao is a masterful creative interpretation of the pastoral Filipino home, influenced by jagged modernist architecture that stands out from its surroundings.

All of these works are available at Gallery Genesis’ special fundraising exhibit Going Further for the benefit of the Lung Center of the Philippines. Visit www.gallerygenesis.com/going-further to view the complete catalog and purchase any of the artworks.


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