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As one of the first artists to be handled exclusively by Gallery Genesis, Aro Soriano drew from Filipino folk themes and brought them to life. Unafraid of using bright colors and mixing elements, he took on the task of turning into imagery famous riddles that will leave even the wisest amused, confused, or even dumbfounded. No matter how one looks at it, Soriano’s works require a lot of deep meditation as it goes beyond superficial narrative.


Capturing life, or at least the essence of it, is a rare gift Max Lalata possessed throughout his career. With watercolor as his preferred medium, he was able to paint scenes that told and will continue to tell the realities of his time. His ability to make his subjects as realistic as possible was ahead of his time. He was able to make the colors striking or muted when necessary, which says a lot about his technical skills and natural eye for aesthetic beauty.


The complete body of work of one Teofilo Y Mendoza Jr. may be summed up in one word —visceral. Art critics are right to describe him as prodigious and versatile but an artist who paints without any inhibition is the closest one can get to be considered a creative genius and Mendoza Jr. is certainly worthy of also being classified in that category. TYM’s works navigates through the realms of cubism,  impressionism, and representational with such ease and fluidity.


There is a certain sense of calm in the works of Antonio ‘Tony’ Alcoseba that is quite difficult to accurately describe. He is able to bring forth images that are quite serene much in the way artists of the impressionist school of thought do. And doing it using watercolor as his choice of medium makes it all the more impressive, masterfully achieving bold streaks and creating tones that gives his work that distinct look identifiable with the French art movement.


Veering  into  the  surreal  at  times,  Danilo ‘Danny’ Santiago’s  artistic  vision  capturing  the  longing  and  doubts  of  contemporary  society is clearly felt in his every piece. He is able to bring to life the mystique of the Philippines’ local stories using both  bright  colors  and  muted  hues  as  deemed  necessary.  The  provincial  setting  showing  folks going about their daily tasks, bursting with life, and essential elements in the quest for progress.


A prolific watercolorist, Mardonio Cempron creates landscapes and still life that  inspire a  feeling  of  serenity  to its  viewers. Cempron  practiced  his  profession  as  an  architect before  becoming  a  full-time  artist. After his  third solo exhibit, he ventured into acrylic and found a way  to  re-invent  himself  for  his  residence in  Gallery  Genesis,  which  featured  his  anthology  of  nature’s  panorama  and  landscapes of salient colors in acrylic.


Any lover of art will most certainly enjoy the works of Aldrie Acosta, whose works give an almost hyper-realistic feel to it. So much so that his watercolors from his ‘nature series’ seem to occupy the same three-dimensional space as its viewers. A former art director in Dubai, Acosta was likewise exposed to the culture of the Arab region, which certainly left an impression on him as proven by some of his portrait works. He is currently based in Canada.


Precise  in  his  approach,  Vidal ‘Ondo’ Alcoseba  specializes  in  landscape  and  still  life  where  his  understanding  of  the  use  of  light  and  brushstrokes  are  evident  as  his  works  exude an aura of peace and calm.  He is adept in  oil,  acrylic,  pastel,  and  watercolor,  the  latter  of  which  he  excels  at.   After  a  long  stint  as  resident  artist  of  Gallery  Genesis,  Alcoseba’s works  reached  beyond the Philippine shores and have been shown by galleries in Singapore.


Whether his subjects tackle flora and fauna or enter the realm of abstraction and surrealism, John Wesley Bautista’s works collectively tell of an artist who has mastered the subtlety of the brushstroke that it can make one wonder where it begins and ends. Expert in oil, acrylic, pastel, and even serigraph printing, Bautista set himself apart from older brother, Glenn. John is a master at mixing the right combination of colors and in manipulating these at will on the canvas.