Podcast Project

The Podcast Project by Gallery Genesis is an online space where art enthusiasts, content creators, and artists can freely discuss anything and everything about their love for the arts. A haven of sorts for all creative individuals, The Podcast Project encourages intellectual discourse within its community. As topics from visual arts, interior,design, fashion, entrepreneurship, performing arts, content creation and more will be discussed, The Podcast Project seek to enlighten and enliven its listeners from guests who put their heart and soul into their crafts. 



Ta LouLou (“Your LouLou”) was created by Carmencita ‘Cit’ Sioson and Denise ‘Den’ Quintos-Juan who both share the same passion for fashion. With their friendship spanning over two decades, their story is one that includes many fond memories — from overcoming growing pains together and obsessing over their love for ballet to pursuing their respective careers yet still remaining the best of friends.

As they continue to build their lifestyle brand, which includes womenswear, home and accessories collections that are made from excess materials to avoid wastage, and a customization service, they aspire to include a wider range of offerings that speak of the Ta LouLou lifestyle: one that encourages creativity, advocates a life of purpose, and celebrates even the simplest moments.

Learn more about Taloulou owners in their exclusive Podcast Interview with Gallery Genesis as they discuss the journey of the modern content creator, artist, and entrepreneur. 


Bambina Jacinto

Bambina Jacinto is a up and coming visual artist who specializes in oil as her preferred medium. She also extends her artistic practice in researching and procuring of local artists for site specific projects. Bambina assists in the art direction and building of collections or a particular aesthetic for commercial developments. She aims to make real difference to communities and society by creating sensory experiences that aid others in navigating their inner and outer landscapes.

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Ella Lama

Ella Lama is an illustrator and hand-letterer based in Manila, Philippines. She creates artworks mainly for publishing, stationery, and packaging. Ella also holds classes for freelancer and creative entrepreneurs to help them navigate the challenges of running an art-based business. When she is not busy with work, she enjoys reading, arts and crafts, and exploring new places. The ultimate item in her bucket list is to write and illustrate her own book.

Learn more about Ella Lama in her exclusive Podcast Interview with Gallery Genesis as she shares her experience about starting art at a later age and dealing with insecurities as a self-taught artist.