Kulay Sa Tubig

OCTOBER 3 — 9, 2022


At a time of uncertainty, there is one constant in the Philippine art world and that is the Kulay sa Tubig Invitational Watercolor Competition and Exhibition by Gallery Genesis.

When it comes to art competitions — Kulay sa Tubig stands alone. Here, watercolor artists have to be invited to be able to participate. Their work should adhere to the highest level of genius and mastery for judges to even take notice of them and as such, artists year in and year out are inspired to continuously dig deep within their psyche, cognizant of the glory that awaits them should they find themselves in the top five.

Find out why Kulay Sa Tubig is the longest-running watercolor competition in Asia.

Gallery Genesis has always taken pride in helping struggling artists both old and new alike. The prestige that Kulay sa Tubig — the longest running watercolor competition in the Philippines — brings can change an artist’s life in an instant. It is truly remarkable how, from its very first edition in 1983, it has gone on to become and remain the premiere watercolor competition where prize money or trophy isn’t the ultimate goal but the respect and recognition of peers and esteemed judges.

It is thus reassuring that Kulay sa Tubig, now at its 34th year, remains strong through the years, bringing with it the hope that there will always be a venue for watercolor artists to raise the quality of their works.

The landscape of watercolor has truly flourished since Kulay sa Tubig was initiated. At the time, watercolor used to be considered as a lesser kind of form, which was only apt for studies.

Truly, watercolor is a demanding medium in its own right, even for the brightest of talents. It’s often considered one of the most difficult mediums to master. Yet there is no shortage of talent in the Philippines. From hundreds of entries, Gallery Genesis carefully curates only the best to be exhibited in Kulay sa Tubig. Naturally, what emerges are different facets of what it is to be Filipino, as seen in these myriad depictions of pastoral landscapes, urban sprawls, cultural heritage, historical narratives, and deeply human stories.

Bringing artists together in the name of the medium.

For 34 years now, there has been the Kulay Sa Tubig Invitational Competition and Exhibition where only the highly talented and skilled watercolorists are invited to participate with a mandatory prescreening requirement. Since then, it has become the longest-running and most prestigious watercolor competition among the artists and various artist groups in Asia. To talented and aspiring artists, it has become very prestigious to win and become one of the Top 5 Philippine Watercolorists, or just even be invited to compete with their peers. The prestige of winning from among their visual art equals, more than the prize money, has become much more important to the competing artists. It is for this reason that there will always be some exceptional watercolor entries, even accidental masterpieces, during every Kulay Sa Tubig Competition. By bringing artists together in the name of the medium, this prestigious competition perseveres in championing watercolor.