Constellations: A One Woman Show
By Dexter R. Matilla

Humanity’s fascination with the heavenly bodies is ingrained into our very being, with early navigators even relying on the position of the constellations to reach their destination. Looking up to the night sky to find meaning in this world is akin to artists searching within themselves for their reason for being. Taking on the unenviable task of making sense of life through artistic expression is Stephannie Yapco. A UX designer who started painting during the height of the pandemic lockdown, Stephannie is only beginning her journey in art and yet the potential within her is as vast as the cosmos around her.

“I want to create paintings that can uplift and inspire people and make them more energized and hopeful for today in the future that is to come,” Stephannie says. “I want my paintings to be a companion that could always give them feelings of wonder whenever they would see it. I believe that my works are also a representation of how there are parts of us that we tend to think of as our imperfections but when we truly accept ourselves as a whole, that’s when we start to see the beauty of our own individuality.”

Premiere art instiution Gallery Genesis presents Stephannie’s most recent abstract works in “Constellations”, her very first one-woman show. Utilizing mostly bright colors, the artist takes viewers into a mystical and cosmic journey unlike any before her — or even the James Webb Space Telescope for that matter, can conjure.

The young artist says that she loves abstract art because of how it has its unique power to communicate itself to other people — that while it has no representation of things in the real world, it can still bring forth a sense of emotion that viewers can relate to. “It can also have different stories to tell depending on the perspective of the one looking at it,” Stephannie adds. “Just like how I was moved by abstracts while searching for something inspiring for our home, I am captivated to do the same for when I create works for people to see.”

While she is more than capable of painting figures, as evidenced by her earlier works, Stephannie’s raw and whimsical energy speaks louder through abstraction. The emotions that emanate from her paintings is but a tease of what is yet to come, making her one of the most exciting new artists worth looking out for.

Exhibition runs from August 8 to 26, 2022.

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