Stones and Driftwoods

Oftentimes it is easy to take for granted the world we live in today. We have become so occupied with our daily routines that we never seem to have time to acknowledge the beauty in the most mundane things that make up our world. A piece of stone and a block of wood are never really given much importance but for as long as man has been painting, creating figures and images using ink, these are the things that give realism to the great big canvas of life.

Have we really grown comfortable that we choose to ignore these? One has to wonder.

So it is up to the ever-dependable artist, as always, to remind us of these things. For if not, how can one imagine that painting of your favorite scenic hometown with its lush greenery and imposing mountains? Or even that seaside where you once walked hand-in-hand with a loved one, admiring the boats that brought the day’s haul? It certainly with will not be possible.

In its upcoming show, “Stones and Driftwoods”, Gallery Genesis provides us with a collection of fantastic watercolor works by Filipino artists that dig into the very essence of these questions. Toti Cerda and Tony Alcoseba, two of the greats to handle the medium, present differing subjects that give viewers an appreciation of the world we live in. How children get to enjoy their youth, playing in streams —and not the computer kind—or letting their imaginations run wild with something as simple as pebbles and sands is the main focus for Cerda. Alcoseba, meanwhile, gives us timeless pictures of well-loved city and provincial scenes in an almost dream-like state.

The same can be said for artists including Greg Bolanos who chose to highlight a fortress-like structure found inside of Intramuros, Cris Cruz who went the nature route with his works “Stones and Driftwoods” and “Baguio Scene”, and David Mendoza who quite impressively uses clean lines in depicting “Views from the River I” and “Views from the River II”.

The exhibition also features a print “Thanatopsis” (perhaps after the poem by Amerian William Cullen Bryant) by Fil dela Cruz, an oil painting by Nemesio Miranda, “Magduduhat”, and an impressionist piece “Nasa Ilog” by Mardonio Cempron.

Other artists included in the exhibition are George Ng, Godofredo Mendoza, Don Garcia, Jimmy Kwong, Renato Habulan, Robbie Nubla, T. Remington, Veronico Mendoza, Rigoberto Panes, Jose Vistan, Larry Memije, Gene De Loyola, Fidel Sarmiento, Dominador Laroza, Jeff Salon, and Omar Noble.

“Stones and Driftwoods” will run from May 1 to 25, 2022.

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