About Gallery Genesis

Established in 1981, Gallery Genesis was opened primarily to provide an exhibition venue for living and promising artists to display and sell their works, to discover and introduce new and talented artists, and to help them nurture and build their careers and their reputation in the Philippine art scene.

Genesis, for a long time, had the largest space among all art galleries in the Philippines up to as much as 500 square meters at that time. It pioneered the now current practice of issuing certificates of authenticity for all art works bought from the gallery. Genesis also pioneered the concept of having exclusive in-house resident artists wherein the artist will be financially supported monthly under a renewable 5-year contract so that the artist can concentrate fully on just producing his best works with minimum outside influence, without having to worry about the living necessities for himself and his family, plus the total freedom to paint on any subject and in any medium the artist so desires. What mattered most was the artists gave their best and interacted and learned well from each other during regular weekly or semi monthly get togethers. The gallery had as many as 15 artists at a time under exclusive contractual agreements.

The Gallery Genesis founders are not only art collectors, but are also art patrons and benefactors helping gifted and talented artists get better recognized in the Philippine art scene. More than 30 artists have been helped by Gallery Genesis by way of encouragement, financial support, and significant art shows and exhibitions. Among the well-known artists today who were for many years exclusive Genesis resident artists are Glenn Bautista †, Prudencio ‘Amor’ Lamarroza, Mario Parial †, Jun Mendoza †, Max Lalata †, Egai Fernandez, Aro Soriano †, Rodelio ‘Toti’ Cerda, Fidel Sarmiento, to name a few.

Today, in keeping with the times, Gallery Genesis has opted to be much more actively involved in the arts by shifting to digital platforms for greater and more extensive public coverage for its art related activities. It is now celebrating its 39th year, continuously aimed at promoting culture and uplifting local artists in the Philippine art scene.